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Unlocking Success: The Core Values that Matter as a Hypnotherapist and in Hypnotherapy Certification Schools

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Why do core values matter in Hypnosis?

The most important thing I can share with those who enter my school is the importance of core values. Core values such as integrity, always doing what's best for the client, confidentiality and lifting them up, judgement free.

In regard to the work of a hypnotherapist, success has less to do with mastering techniques and inducing trance, and more to do with embodying core values that foster trust, connection, and transformation in your clients. It's these core values that elevate your practice and make your business strong. It's important that the Hypnotherapy Certification School you choose, honors strong core values which create success.

Let’s delve into the essential core values that form the bedrock of a thriving hypnosis practice and that reflect the kind of training a Hypnotherapy Certification school teaches, to help you create success.

Empathy and Compassion

When you truly care, a person feels it. It is reflected in your voice, your tone and the words you choose. When you can find compassion for your client and the situation they are addressing, you will do an excellent job. Compassion and empathy allow you tap into what it might feel like if you were in that situation and allows you to create a safe and nurturing space where clients feel understood and supported. By cultivating empathy, you're more likely to deliver the kind of hypnotherapy suggestions that your client needs to hear to move beyond the problem they're experiencing.

Authenticity and Integrity

In every business, integrity is key. But for the hypnotherapist, in order for the client to trust you, you must establish integrity so that they can let their guard down enough to close their eyes and allow themselves to enter the state of hypnosis comfortably. Integrity begins from the moment you speak with your potential client during your initial call or email and all the way through to your first appointment and every subsequent appointment. Integrity allows the client to relax and trust you.

Trust is essential to hypnotherapy. Upholding ethical standards such as confidentiality creates trust. Adhering to professional guidelines, (which should be taught in all hypnotherapy certification schools) is importnat. Core values ensure success for your client and for your business. Integrity is the foundation upon which trust is built.

Empowerment and Collaboration

In the movies, and in stage hypnosis shows, it appears that the hypnotist imposes his or her will on the individual or group. And many schools teach their students to take charge and use statements like, "I want you to...." But Hypnosis and hypnotherapy isn’t about imposing your will upon others; it’s about empowering individuals. It's also about teaching thme how to tap into their mind and their resources and unleash their full potential. When you foster a spirit of collaboration, as well as autonomy, they get results faster and know how to use their mind for their benefit. I always explain about Accidental Hypnosis, a term I coined. I explain it because if they understand what's happening that's caused or contributed to their problem, they will have more power to correct the problem. But not only this problem, any problem they face, because they will know how their mind works and what they can do to avoid such problems next time. This core value is equally important to both the hypnotherapy session with the client as well as the student in the hypnotherapy certification school.

Respect and Non-Judgment

Every client who walks through your door brings with them a unique set of beliefs, experiences, and challenges. We must treat each person with genuine respect and an open mind, free from judgment or preconceived notions. You may have a different religion, culture or priorities, but it's your job to honor their culture, religion and priorities. Every clinician owes it to their client to treat them with respect and kindness. And if there is a conflict between your values as the hypnotherapist, and the clients, it's best to refer the client to someone who is a better match.

Continual Learning and Growth

The more I work with clients and students, the more I learn, and the more I realize I need to continue to learn. Nothing healthy in the world is stagnant. In our ever-evolving world and in the field of hypnosis, the mind, and the brain, stagnation is the enemy of progress. We must cultivate a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to lifelong learning whether we are learning hypnosis or in business as a hypnotherapist.

It's improtant to stay abreast of the latest research, learn new skills, and develop greater expertise. Professional development and personal growth matter. Core values for success matter. And remaining curious and adaptable is a gift you give your clients and yourself.



Success isn’t measured by putting a person in hypnosis and taking them deep.True success lies in embodying core values that allow you to honor the needs of your client. By cultivating empathy, authenticity, empowerment, respect, and a commitment to growth, you elevate your practice and unlock the transformative potential of hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy Certification Schools owe it to their students to teach core values for success.

At Professional Hypnosis Institute, in Level 2, we do a lot of brainstorming through difficult case studies. This prepares the student for when they have a client that's similar. It's a wonderful way of learning especially when you are starting out and it gives the student practice in dealing with their own values and limiting beliefs so they can work on that so they can be effective with the client, when the time comes.

Embrace these core values in your work as a hypnotherapist and watch as lives are transformed and miracles unfold before your eyes.

Contact us to explore hypnotherapy certification in the Professional Hypnosis Institute, a school that teaches core values as a foundational element for success in a career as a clinical hypnotherapist.

Professional Hypnosis Institute, LLC.
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